Last Update 2020/10/21
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指定クラス warnings : コンパイラによって生成された警告メッセージを制御


コマンド「gcc --help=warnings」の実行


GNU C Library 2.28
GNU Binutils 2.31.1


・「」や「...」の着色省略表記は、 実際のソースコードや出力内容などを省略加工した部分を示します。


$ gcc --help=warnings コンパイラによって生成された警告メッセージを制御するオプションを表示 The following options control compiler warning messages: --all-warnings Same as -Wall. Use the latter option instead. --extra-warnings Same as -Wextra. Use the latter option instead. -W This switch is deprecated; use -Wextra instead. Same as -Wextra. -Wabi Warn about things that will change when compiling with an ABI-compliant compiler. -Wabi-tag Warn if a subobject has an abi_tag attribute that the complete object type does not have. -Wabi= Warn about things that change between the current -fabi-version and the specified version. -Wvla-larger-than=<number> Warn on unbounded uses of variable-length arrays, and on bounded uses of variable-length arrays whose bound can be larger than <number> bytes. -Wvolatile-register-var Warn when a register variable is declared volatile. -Wwrite-strings In C++, nonzero means warn about deprecated conversion from string literals to 'char *'. In C, similar warning, except that the conversion is of course not deprecated by the ISO C standard. -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant Warn when a literal '0' is used as null pointer. -Wzerotrip Warn about zero-trip DO loops. -frequire-return-statement Functions which return values must end with return statements. $