Last Update 2020/10/21
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target : ターゲットを特定したオプションを表示


コマンド「gcc --help=target」の実行


GNU C Library 2.28
GNU Binutils 2.31.1


・「」や「...」の着色省略表記は、 実際のソースコードや出力内容などを省略加工した部分を示します。


$ gcc --help=target ターゲットを特定したオプションを表示 The following options are target specific: -m128bit-long-double sizeof(long double) is 16. -m16 Generate 16bit i386 code. -m32 Generate 32bit i386 code. -m3dnow Support 3DNow! built-in functions. -m3dnowa Support Athlon 3Dnow! built-in functions. -m64 Generate 64bit x86-64 code. -mxop Support XOP built-in functions and code generation. -mxsave Support XSAVE and XRSTOR instructions. -mxsavec Support XSAVEC instructions. -mxsaveopt Support XSAVEOPT instruction. -mxsaves Support XSAVES and XRSTORS instructions. Known assembler dialects (for use with the -masm= option): att intel Known ABIs (for use with the -mabi= option): ms sysv Known code models (for use with the -mcmodel= option): 32 kernel large medium small Valid arguments to -mfpmath=: 387 387+sse 387,sse both sse sse+387 sse,387 Known indirect branch choices (for use with the -mindirect-branch=/-mfunction-return= options): keep thunk thunk-extern thunk-inline Known data alignment choices (for use with the -malign-data= option): abi cacheline compat Known vectorization library ABIs (for use with the -mveclibabi= option): acml svml Known address mode (for use with the -maddress-mode= option): long short Known preferred register vector length (to use with the -mprefer-vector-width= option) 128 256 512 none Known stack protector guard (for use with the -mstack-protector-guard= option): global tls Valid arguments to -mstringop-strategy=: byte_loop libcall loop rep_4byte rep_8byte rep_byte unrolled_loop vector_loop Known TLS dialects (for use with the -mtls-dialect= option): gnu gnu2 $