Last Update 2020/10/22
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指定クラス params : --paramオプションで認識される値を表示


コマンド「gcc --help=params」の実行


GNU C Library 2.28
GNU Binutils 2.31.1


・「」や「...」の着色省略表記は、 実際のソースコードや出力内容などを省略加工した部分を示します。


$ gcc --help=params --paramオプションで認識される値を表示 The --param option recognizes the following as parameters: predictable-branch-outcome Maximal estimated outcome of branch considered predictable. inline-min-speedup The minimal estimated speedup allowing inliner to ignore inline-insns-single and inline-insns-auto. max-inline-insns-single The maximum number of instructions in a single function eligible for inlining. max-inline-insns-auto The maximum number of instructions when automatically inlining. max-inline-insns-recursive The maximum number of instructions inline function can grow to via recursive inlining. max-inline-insns-recursive-auto The maximum number of instructions non-inline function can grow to via recursive inlining. max-speculative-devirt-maydefs Maximum number of may-defs visited when devirtualizing speculatively max-vrp-switch-assertions Maximum number of assertions to add along the default edge of a switch statement during VRP vect-epilogues-nomask Enable loop epilogue vectorization using smaller vector size. unroll-jam-min-percent Minimum percentage of memrefs that must go away for unroll-and-jam to be considered profitable. unroll-jam-max-unroll Maximum unroll factor for the unroll-and-jam transformation. avoid-fma-max-bits Maximum number of bits for which we avoid creating FMAs. $